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Sammie Warren
Mike Brady
Matt Olson

“What is essential here is the presence of the spirit of dialogue, which is in short, the ability to hold many points of view in suspension, along with a primary interest in the creation of common meaning.”
—Physicist David Bohm

“With this “spirit” in mind, RO/LU’s attention is equally paid to thought and content, conception and reality. With their active engagement in a multitude of dialogs, they design like water – mixing ideas from the past, from each other, from memory, and from fantasy. Sampling from these different forms of inspiration, RO/LU presents forms that are both familiar and completely new.

In Everything is Always Changing All of the Time, RO/LU collaborates with Greek architect Andreas Angelidakis to create ambiguous spaces within space, where the work exists as ‘many points of view in suspension’. Sculptures function as dressers, chairs double as totems, forms serve as screens for video projection all contributing to their own unique dialogue and preserved for participation. Suddenly a Lygia Clark sculpture becomes a chest of drawers and a Helio Oiticica installation turns a chair into a room.

The work is a continuation of RO/LU’s ongoing study of questioning when a design begins – is it invented or discovered. The works will be presented on Angeldakis’s Universal Exhibition Walls – which act as dividers, plinths and architectural elements.”
— Text by Curators Claire Warner and Sam Vinz

Actions and Operations

is always
changing all
of the time

With Andreas

A body of sculptural objects and tables meant to educate the user about their life and surroundings. The environment was designed by Andreas Angelidakis.

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We breathe the
same air
and see the
same things
and share ideas
that we
pass along to
each other…