West Galerie


the Hague, Netherlands


Nine months from design to installation and fabrication.

Completion Date



Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

Initiated by West Galerie in Den Haag, a group exhibit that attempted to meet the public in public rather than in the gallery. The space, Grote Kerk, is a beautiful church built in 1424. At first it was intimidating until we started thinking about watching people on swingsets. There’s a moment when their feet leave the ground, when they are in the air, collaborating with gravity, sensually removed from normalcy. We decided this was an approximation of the moment people crave when they attempt spiritual acts. A leap into trust and a motion that participates with the situation rather than being controlled by the instigator.

We made giant swingsets in Yves Klein Blue with gold chains and bright pink swings. The swings are all 6ft long so multiple people are forced to collaborate on their motion.

There were video and sound installations and a written piece by Freize Editor Jörg Heiser.

Actions and Operations

For the
Patron Saint of
Lost Causes

(after Gravity)
West Galerie
The Hague, NL
for Volkspaleis

For the group show, Volkspaleis, at Grote Kerk in the Hague Netherlands RO/LU, along with Julian Rosefeldt (DE), Maartje Wortel (NL), Jörg Heiser (DE) en Santa Cruz (NL) created a series of installations for a public project in the oldest church in Den Haag.

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“I am following
the process…
and the process
is following
me — and we are
both bewildering
each other.”
— Robert Rauschenberg