BOFFO Show House


New York City - Currently available through Patrick Parrish Gallery

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

This piece was originally made for Show House, a group exhibition presented by BOFFO, the New York based fashion/architecture project. It came about quickly and intuitively and marked our first departure into more exotic materials—dark, African Wenge wood, Italian wool covered cushions and brightly colored laminate.

The four shapes that make up the wall piece were taken from the set of a 1976 performance by Guy de Cointet called “Lost At Sea.” Our deep interest in his work stemmed from the mystery that surrounds both the artist and his work. What is a performance, long since completed, now just some 70s film photographs? Does it still exist? Can these shapes and ideas be extend to live in new lives?

We continue to explore his work and recently collaborated with graphic designer Dante Carlos on a publication called “Stage Left, House Right” that continues to extend these pieces.

Furniture and Objects

A Set
For Making

(after Guy de Cointet)

Two chairs and a wall piece based on forms found in sets that Guy de Cointet designed for his performance works in the 70s. Made from Wenge wood, laminate and wool, we decided it was a set of sorts on its own, wherever it was, with or without performance… a set that causes love.

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The apparent
is the
bridge to
the real.