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New York City - Currently available through Patrick Parrish Gallery

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sammie Warren

In late 2009, our first body of work rooted in furniture started to emerge. Twenty-two pieces were made quickly from cheap hardware store materials. Informed by Enzo Mari’s 1974 Autoprogettazione project, punk rock zines from our teen years and their connection to the late-60s architecture zines, blogs and our image-saturated world.

Two things came about in the summer of 2010 that brought these pieces to life outside our studio: our friend Mylinh Treiu Nguyen asked us to design the environment for her General Public Library project at Art In General in NYC and Patrick Parrish invited us to show these pieces at Mondo Cane, his gallery in Tribeca.

We’re still interested in the same explorations today though the vibrations have taken us in an ever-widening set of directions.

Pieces from this group live in homes all over the world now and have been published in places like Apartemento, Flash Art, PIN-UP Magazine and the New York Times.

Furniture and Objects

Recordings Made
From Wood

How do you talk about furniture? Hmmmm. We don’t really know. We asked ourselves, “How did all this come about?” but, that’s a pretty long and complicated story. We decided we wanted to describe these pieces as “field recordings” made from wood and we wonder now, what might “sitting as seeing” mean?

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