Basel, CH

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Mike Brady
Matt Olson
Sebastian Marbacher

Sammie Warren, who was a RO/LU partner until recently, brought a Lawrence Weiner book that he’d checked out from the library into the studio. One photo contained some really odd, huge sculptural forms in the corners of an exhibition of his that happened in 1989. They were totally mysterious and not at all what you think of when you think of his work. We started there.

I thought of them as chairs right away, even though they weren’t originally. But they were sort of ridiculous too. Way too geometrically indulgent to be chairs. We like to use art and design history as a material rather than a source of knowledge or inspiration, literally extracting parts of photographs and turning the 2D back into 3D.

It feels like this piece just arrived. From old photos and mistaken perceptions… from everything. We feel like all these objects live their own lives. They pass through us or emerge from situations we are involved in but, one of the best things is seeing what happens next. The documentation will become the work then. The residue that is created in relation to our projects is always as interesting to us as the work itself so…

They were fabricated by our friend Sebastian Marbacher in Zurich.

Furniture and Objects


“Over-Design, Under Design”
Basel, CH

“Too much concept, too much geometry, too much size… just way too much. As a balancing gesture we wanted to add something to the “set” that was the opposite. A form that resulted from something outside our thoughts or decisions.” RO/LU

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Simplicity comes
after complexity
not before it.