Andrew Blauvelt and Scott Winter




Under $25k


Six months from design to installation and fabrication.

Completion Date



Pea Gravel
‘DeGroots Spire’ Arborvitae
Little Bluestem Grass

Andrew Blauvelt designed a book for the architect Julie Snow and in turn, Julie Snow designed this house for Andrew and his husband Scott. Andrew is a curator at the Walker Art Center and has been one of our favorite voices in design over the years so, it was a huge honor when we were hired to work on this project.

The house is ipe, concrete and glass and we used steel, concrete and plants to act as an echo of the restrained approach of the structure, to create a dialogue between the house and the site. Whenever a conversation is reduced to a few words that represent its essence, an honesty emerges. We attempted to express this in front by using the front door elevation as the rule, as the steel channels that contain trees move around the space and the elevation changes, the height stays the same. This creates a definitive connection between the house and the site.

The clients wanted to soften some of the strong material presence and create some privacy across the front. The back of the home is a wall of glass so the courtyard was, visually, a part of the homes interior.

We all loved how the work turned out and it was published in many places.

Landscapes and Environments


Walker Art Center Design Director Andrew Blauvelt and husband Scott Winter built a fantastic home designed by architect Julie Snow. RO/LU was hired to create exterior spaces that brought the spirit of the home design into the site on a tight, post home-building budget.

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